Sesame Street Circus Spectacular – Christmas edition – Review

Sesame Street Circus Spectacular – Christmas edition – Review

The whole tribe


The whole tribe were invited VIP style to the opening night at the Sesame Street Circus Spectacular last night and everyone had such a blast! The children were dancing, singing and laughing! The children are still wearing their VIP lanyards today haha. We were so amazed with every act we saw. We had our photo with Elmo after the show which the children loved. They told me Elmo smelt very nice 🤣

This amazing circus isn’t just for kids, it’s for everyone! Our whole family enjoyed it. We left last night grinning from ear to ear. I know the children will remember this night for many years to come, so thankyou for the epic memories. We honestly had such a fantastic time. You should definitely visit whilst there still here in Canberra. This circus certainly doesn’t disappoint 👌

The Sesame Street Circus Spectacular – Christmas Edition which makes its world debut in Canberra this December. All your favourite Sesame Street characters and a cast of international circus stars will have audiences gasping, laughing and sitting on the edge of their seats in a fun, thrilling and entertaining show suitable for all ages from 1st -23rd December at Majura Park.

The show will take place under the beautifully Christmas themed big top – come and check out the incredible 6m tall Christmas tree complete with thousands of twinkling lights and some very special Sesame Street Christmas decorations.It’s just like a Christmas festival with dozens of other beautiful trees, Christmas themed sideshow games, Sesame Street bouncy castle and what would a Christmas event be without the chance to catch up with Santa to tell him if you ‘ve been naughty or nice!

A professional Santa photo booth will also be on site to capture those precious memories during intermission and after the show.

The show itself will feature a fun-filled 90 minutes of exciting and jaw-dropping international circus acts performing alongside Sesame Street faves including Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, Bert and Ernie and Super Grover in an all-new Christmas story.

The content has been newly developed and produced in association with Sesame Street New York to create this special show just for Canberra and just in time for Christmas.

The circus has been in Canberra for a long time and they can’t thank everyone enough for their support over some very challenging times this past year. It really makes debuting this Sesame Street Circus Spectacular – Christmas Edition show in Canberra even more satisfying and they really look forward to all the smiling faces on guests” says Keith Brown, Managing Director of Showtime Attractions.

LOCATION: Majura Park, 18 Spitfire Avenue, Majura Park, ACT
DATES: 1st – 23rd December 2021


Thanks for an amazing night 😁

Claire Xx

Let’s talk

Let’s talk


I started this little blog almost 4 years ago now and I’ve loved every minute of it! There sure has been highs and lows along the way, but I’m truly thankful for every opportunity that has come my way and the amazing community I have around me. I honestly have no idea what I’m doing and I just go with the flow. 😅

Somewhere along the way I’ve been labelled as an ‘influencer’, I guess in some ways I am but that doesn’t and shouldn’t define me and I won’t let it! There’s so much more to me than my social media platforms. Don’t lose sight of your true self! It’s so easy to get wrapped up in things like social media. Don’t let it overtake you EVER!

I don’t just post ‘collabs’ or ‘paid ads’ ( paid ADs) are very rare just so you know) I’m a woman of faith, I write, I sing and I home educate my children too. I also have lots of hobbies . Someone actually said to me a while ago; “Are you a walking advertisement? I admit, it made me feel a bit weird but ultimately I didn’t let it get to me.

I always disclose when my content is paid/collabs/Giveaway etc.. and by the way you have disclose what type your content is by law.That particular comment was on a general post because I was showing a pretty dress off that I purchased myself 😆 Please know you will only get honesty from me at all times. I don’t share all my life but I share what I can in a safe way.

I hope you all know that I don’t just say ‘yes’ to every collaboration/media, or event that comes my way. I’m very picky and only ever work with brands I truly love and will use in my daily life. Another thing you may not know is that I was approached towards the end of last year to potentially go on TV with my family, however, the timing wasn’t right for us and so we said no. I’m not opposed to doing TV and if something right comes along then I will definitely say Yes.

When I started writing my blog back in 2018, I didn’t even know working with brands was a thing and of course, it was not the reason I started. I started because I wanted to document my weightloss journey whilst juggling 9 children, then we did some media because they were so intrigued by our big family and it turned into more than I ever thought it would. Dont get me wrong, I’m so grateful but at times it can be so overwhelming. My advice is to listen to your mind and body and take breaks if you need too.

As my following has grown, I’ve had more opportunities to promote some amazing brands but I’m working really hard to mix my posts up as much as possible with ‘life in general’ posts and then some collaborations. The last thing I want to do is bombard you all with collaborations and that’s not my style anyway. I appreciate any support you give me though. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

When I do post my collaborations, I put my heart and soul into them. I work really hard. It takes alot of time and effort to write content, capture products, edit pictures and post the content – But I do enjoy it! Id love any support you can give me when I post my content as it helps me in my future endeavours.

If you have some exciting content ideas for me then just let me know. If there’s anything you want to see less/more off then let me know. I’m open to all of your feedback and suggestions.

I appreciate all the support you’ve given to me over the years. None of this would be possible without you.

Love Claire Xxx

Max and Faith clothing reveiw

Max and Faith clothing reveiw

Hi everyone,

Over the last 3 months I have been working with an amazing and all inclusive, affordable and on trend brand called ; ‘Max and Faith clothing’ Max and Faith have so many bold and vibrant peices that will take you through every season of the year. You will look and feel incredible in every peice of their clothing gauranteed!

Living your best life includes so many aspects, lounging, working, parenting, partying or lunching, they have the versatile styles to take you through life effortlessly and with style. How awesome is that!

Their online boutique features garments to fit your mood, your lifestyle, and your budget, they aim to bring practical, yet chic styles to inspire you and allow your confidence to shine. 

I have been lucky enough to be gifted with several peices of clothing overthe last 3 months and I’ve absolutely loved everything that I’ve received! The quality and detail of the clothing is amazing. The whole team at Max and faith are incredibly frei day a d are always there for any questions you may have.

If you feel like having a browse, then head on over to:

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My name necklaces

My name necklaces


After a huge week of decluttering, spring cleaning and bad eating. I decided yesterday I would get back into the habit of healthy eating and exercising again; so yesterday morning I was up and out the door at 5:05 am for a fresh morning walk 😑 I felt tired but refreshed after. Hopefully tonight.. if it’s still warm enough, I’ll go for a swim in the pool 🤞

I’m wearing my 3 beautiful personalised necklaces from Belle Fever They have a huuuuge deal on right now (Buy 3 name necklaces and instantly receive 30% off) How cool is that 😎

Happy Monday

Love Claire Xxx

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I wear my heart on my sleeve

I wear my heart on my sleeve


You may have wondered where I’ve been lately? I’m just taking some time out with my family and my husband, I’m still recovering from my neck pain too. We are also still in lockdown in regional NSW which has been hard. If you’re in lockdown, then, I hope you’re okay? It’s a very tough time for all. Please reach out if you need a chat?

When I write a post online, I put my heart and soul into it, I’m always honest and open with you about my thoughts and feelings which enables me to write creatively and truthfully, I really do wear my heart on my sleeve. I know you would all appreciate my honesty and thoughts, I’m just finding it really hard to put my feelings into words and don’t condone any kind of bullying and won’t stand for such behaviour on my social platforms

I’m so sick and tired of all the division and the fighting that’s happening in our country right now. I never thought I’d see the day where this would happen! But here we are! I have lived in Australia for 15 years and became an Australian citizen in 2020 and I proudly took the pledge under God. It was a memorable day.

I believe in freedom! Please don’t bully others because they feel differently! We are all in this together!

God Bless

Love Claire Xx

Men who Scrub – review

Men who Scrub – review


My husband Mark has bagged himself an early father’s day present. He has been *gifted* the freshly shaven shower scrub from @menwhoscrub. This particular scent smells absolutely incredible but you can get the scrub in few other scents too such as lime and coconut and salted caramel. Mark has also been *gifted* the magnesium spray too which is useful for aches and pains, it can also help with a good night’s sleep. I think I might be stealing the magnesium spray from him but don’t tell him 🤫😆

Men who Scrub was created by a lovely lady called Bridie and her husband Dan. Bridie was sick of Dan stealing her scrubs, now the men in our lives have an irresistible range of scrubs for the ladies to steal 😉 I’m already eyeing up the salted caramel scented one 😉🙃

Their scrubs are amazing for removing all the dirt and grime of the day, you are left exfoliated, smooth and smelling delicious.

Men who Scrub is handmade on the Central Coast, Australia using all natural ingredients with a variety of high quality fragrances to suit EVERYONE!

Father’s Day Pre orders are now live on the website. You can also use my discount code: claire10 at checkout – link;

Claire Xx



Hi everyone,

Self-care is the latest source of “mum guilt” for Aussie Mum’s, a survey of 1,000 mothers of young children across Australia has revealed, with 85 percent of mothers surveyed admitting feeling guilt about not spending enough time on their own self-care, while paradoxically, feeling guilty when they do.  

The research, conducted by Australian pregnancy multivitamin brand, Natalis, revealed that while the vast majority of the mothers surveyed (94%), admitted they would benefit from more self-care, nearly the same amount (96%) reported feeling guilty for spending time on self-care activities at least some of the time.  

While the overwhelming message from mothers surveyed was that self-care was extremely important to their wellbeing, more than 1 in 2 (53%) reported feeling pressured to practice self-care and feeling like a failure when they don’t get enough.

According to Emmy Samtani, parenting expert and founder of parenting app Kiindred, which used its platform to survey mothers, the concept of ‘self-care,’ popularised across social media by ‘mumfluencers’ and celebrities alike (#selfcare), has been both a blessing and a curse for Aussie mums.

“On one hand, the self-care movement has been great for highlighting how important it is for us to take an active role in protecting our own wellbeing and happiness, but on the flip side, it’s become another item on the to do list,” said the entrepreneur and mother of three children under six. 

“If we don’t get to it, we feel guilty about it, and if we do, we feel guilty about everything else we’re not doing.”

Other key findings: 

  • Two in three (76%) admitting that the state of their house and the piling laundry was reason enough to strike self-care off the list, followed closely by the guilt for taking time away from the children (61%) or their partner (48%).
  • More than 1 in 4 (28%) typically have less than 10 minutes per day to put towards something for themselves, while 8% have less than 5 minutes.
  • Many admitted to sacrificing sleep, with nearly one in two (43%) going to bed late, and a quarter (24%) setting their alarm earlier, just to find a peaceful moment alone.  
  • When asked what mums did regularly to fill their cup, self-care was a fairly tame affair, with nearly half of respondents (47%) acknowledging that scrolling on their phones, or chilling with Netflix (37%) was their most common activity, followed closely by enjoying a coffee while hot (36%) or washing their hair (35%). 

When asked to reflect upon what the ultimate self-care experience might involve, date night was deemed the ultimate self-care activity (44%), followed by a night of uninterrupted sleep (34%) a hot bath alone (30%), and socialising with friends in person or via phone/text (20%), all rating well and truly above intimacy with their partner (8%).  

Proving they’re not a fussy bunch, 17 percent of mothers surveyed said they’d consider being left alone for more than 10 minutes for any reason at all as a desirable self-care activity, while 15 percent said they’d be satisfied just drinking a coffee while it was still hot.

“It’s not news that as mothers, we’re time poor, but while celebrities and social media superstars might be conjuring up images of #selfcare as a luxurious spa day or beach-side meditation session, the reality is that self-care for mums of young kids is probably going to look a little less glamorous,” said Samtani.

“Self-care should not be about shame or comparison, but about finding the thing that fills your cup.  If for you, that’s mindlessly scrolling on your phone, or sitting outside in the sun for five minutes to drink a coffee while the TV babysits the kids, then that’s self-care,” she said. “If you can carve out time to have a long, hot bath, or get a babysitter and head out with your partner, that’s great too,” she said.

Samtani cautions though, that self-care is definitely a practice.  “Nothing changes if nothing changes: Start by scheduling 10 minutes each day. As hard as that can be with little ones, work with your partner or support network to schedule in those moments.”

Samanti concludes that allowing yourself to reflect upon all the things you do and provide for your family is a great place to start in freeing yourself from guilt, “There is no point in taking ten, fifteen, thirty minutes for yourself if you’re going to spend that time feeling guilty for being away from your family. We are all so busy in the day-to-day ‘doing,’ we forget to look back and see how much we’re doing for the kids – washing, cooking, kisses, cleaning, craft, homework, cuddles, lunchboxes. In the grand scheme of things, taking time to nurture yourself is not worth feeling guilty about, because honestly mum, you deserve it.”

I know for me personally as a mum of nine children under thirteen years age, self-care is important for my health and well-being. Self-care to me, is a nice hot bath, Saying some prayers, or a quick coffee break in the garden, a shopping trip, or a pamper night with my eldest daughters. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. It’s the little things that make a difference.

Claire Louise Hooker

My Instagram:

Noosa Glow Australia

Noosa Glow Australia

Hi everyone,

Noosa Glow Australia is an amazing lip gloss business from Noosa, Australia. The stunning lip glosses are vegan, cruelty-free with certified mineral organic ingredients. They are enriched with Jojoba oil, leaving your lips to feel luscious and shiny. There are 9 amazing shades, and 2 collections to choose from which is AMAZING! I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite, because they are are incredible!

Jayne, the amazing creator of Noosa Glow has designed beautiful gloss pouches ( sold separately) to fit the glosses perfectly. Jayne is a very brave and inspiring woman. 10 years ago she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, then they found a second brain tumor, 8 months ago behind her right eye. No would operate on her except for the very best of the best, Dr. Charlie Teo, Who, within 1 week successfully removed both brain tumors, and now Jayne can finally say she is Tumor-free!

After this Jayne started her business Noosa Glow Australia When purchasing from Jayne’s wonderful lip gloss business, a portion of all sales is donated to the Charlie Teo Foundation. So much more research needs to be done as brain cancer kills more people under the age of 40 than any other cancer. Lip glosses shouldn’t be boring and these gorgeous little beauties are abounding with love and sparkles and will totally brighten your day. They certainly made me feel special when I received them. Thank you, Jayne! You are so amazing!

I now need to hide these from my eldest girls because they are now at the age where they take all my nice things

Check out Noosa Glow Australia here:

My 15% off discount code is: Lips

Claire XXX

SISTACO – Review

SISTACO – Review

It’s a powder not a polish!The Sistaco nail system is a revolutionary new way to do your nails! The system is a mineral-based powder you simply brush on (no not SNS – yuck!) The specially made formula removes 9 harmful chemicals usually found in nail products.

They are proudly designed and developed in Australia and replace the need for expensive salon polish/gel or shellac, SNS manicures which damage nails!I am using the amazing new rose gold Foundation box set which will give you roughly 20 full manicures!!

I am using the colour coffee on my nails from the classic range. There is so many colors to choose from too.

I am no professional when it comes to doing my nails, but this system has simplified it all for me, which makes life so much easier. The Foundation Kit includes:

1 x Quick-drying Portable LED Lamp and USB Cord

1 X Base Coat Pen (Clear

1 X Gloss Top Coat Pen1

1x Nail Powder in Any Colour of Your Choice

1 X Applicator1 X Marble/ Rose Gold Gift Box

My discount code is: CLAIRE15 for $15 off- any nail system over at;

Love Claire Xxx



EBONIVORY Is a female founded Gold Coast based business. Stacey, the founder of EBONIIVORY suffered from some hormonal imbalances which led her to research the toxins in the products that she was using at the time. In an effort to begin to eliminate toxins, she created their first product, a charcoal powder remedy that she began to use to replace the chemical whitening kits that she had been using previously. Inspired by her results and with a passion for creating cleaner products that are free from parabens, irritants and fillers the brand Eboniivory was born.

EBONIIVORY began as a teeth whitening remedy that was created, tried and tested. Since then, EBONIIVORY has gradually expanded into 20+ everyday skincare and oral care products that every woman (and hubbies) need for a healthy smile and glowing skin without costing the earth and are all available under the one (online) roof.

EBONIIVORY are committed to delivering clean products with naturally derived ingredients.

EBONIIVORY will always maintain that their products are cruelty free, vegan friendly and are not tested on animals.

The products are uncomplicated, enjoyable to use and effective.

I’ve been using the make-up remover sponges along with the Hydrate me Milk cleanser, and the Hydrate me moisturizer, and both have been so amazing on my skin. My skin has never felt so fresh and hydrated. Its definitely helped me feel more awake whist juggling 9 children. It’s also suitable for all skin types. Another thing that has been great for my skin is the 24k gold anti aging serum, its like liquid gold and feels so amazing on your skin! I’ve also been using the decomposiable toothbrush along with the charcoal whitening toothpaste which has been amazing for my teeth. I’ve definitely seen some great results already. If charcoal isn’t your thing then, Another great toothpaste they have is the mineral whitening toothpastewhich is also is also amazing.

If you would like to use any of these products mentioned, then feel free to use my discount code; CLAIRE15 to get 15% off your entire order! But get in quick as my discount code expires in 48 hours!! 🥰


Love Claire Xx