Ultimate patch review

Ultimate patch review

Over the last 5-6 weeks I have been using the ultimate patch mood patches on myself to help with my anxiety and lack of sleep. I have seen seen such huge results with these patches and I am feeling really good! The last 6-8 weeks have been tough in isolation and I was starting to feel really down and miserable, I was also not sleeping well either. I felt like I hit a huge slump and I couldn’t get out of it. I honestly feel that these mood patches have helped me immensely. My energy levels are on top form and I’m no longer feeling grumpy or exhausted. I will definitely be buying more soon.

The mood patches have only natural ingredients in them such as; Zinc, Garlic, Siberian ginseng, Vitamin D, Liposomal, Vitamin C ,Licorice root, Ashwaghanda ,Rhodiola,Choke berries (Aronia cherries, Blueberries, Mulberries, Pomegranate, Moringa Plant, Mint,  Spirulina, Turmeric, Lemon,  Beetroot, Monk fruit Vitamin C 12 x Vitamin B’s (b1, b2,b3, b4, b5, b6, b7, b8, b9, b10, b11, b12 . All these ingredients combined help with many amazing different things inside our bodies and they all are known to create renewed energy and stamina.

All ingredients in these adhesive thin patches are all natural & plant based. The skin patch helps fight fatigue, balances your mood and also enhances your energy levels. The patches has be known to help with; Chronic stress, Exhaustion, Sleep issues, Night mares, Mood swings, Anxiety, Depression, Sugar & Salt cravings, Brain Fog, Overly Emotional, Panic attacks, Short fuse, Body Aches.


  • Open the sealed sterile envelope & take out 1 sheet
  • Gently Peel off with the tip of your fingernail & place on clean & dry skin (No Moisturiser, oil, sweat etc) and press down very firmly
  • Do not take the patch off to re position it as it will not stick a second time
  • Place anywhere on the abdomen where it will not be rubbed by clothing. Best places seem to be on the Belly or under the bra line. Take care when taking off clothes that you don’t pull the patch off. 
  • After a shower or swimming press patch firmly with a dry towel (do not rub) 
  • After 3 days, remove the patch & replace with a new patch.
  • Our patches are not meant to be as sticky as a bandaid but they do stay stuck on well and are very gentle on the skin.

**Medical Disclaimer: The information provided is not intended to replace consultation or advice received by qualified health professionals regarding your specific situation not is it to be taken as medical advice or diagnosis. If you have any questions about the patches please consult your medical provider before using**

Overall I am feeling so much better within myself and I highly recommend using these patches if you have been feeling down and exhausted

Feel free to use my discount code; tribe at checkout. You can view the patches here: https://www.ultimatepatch.com.au/

Claire -Xx

Wylera hair curler review

Wylera hair curler review

Recently I have been using the @wylerahair curler on my hair.

I have have really thick and coarse hair so styling my hair can be incredibly difficult.

Over the years I have used many hair curlers/tongs on my hair and I would just get so frustrated as it was so time consuming. I would just end up tying it up in a ‘mum bun’

The Wylera Wireless Hair Curler is a game changer for me! I’ve finally found something that works on my mane 🦁

The Small Ceramic Curler is completely wireless for use on the go, which is so handy for us busy mumas. You can literally take it anywhere! But for now I’ll just settle for my living room 😉

Your curls will stay place all day long. In-fact mine lasted for at least 3 days. You can set the temperature adjustment settings and create frizz-free luscious curls. My hair only took me 15 minutes to do. That’s pretty impressive.

Curl direction settings are adjustable too to suit your face shape. It only takes 30 seconds to heat up. I’ve been loving the dreamwave curls in my hair. I look like I’ve been to the salon when in-fact I just did it myself 😉
The ceramic curler comes with a usb charger fur easy charging.

Here is my IGTV video review of the hair curler below this picture

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Hi everyone, I hope you will enjoy my IGTV video of the @wylerahair dream-wave curler The Wylera Wireless Hair Curler is a game changer for me! I've finally found something that works on my mane and I'm super happy 🦁 The Small Ceramic Curler is completely wireless for use on the go, which is so handy for us busy mum's. You can literally take it anywhere! . Your curls will stay place all day long. In-fact mine last for 3 days. You can set the temperature adjustment settings and create frizz-free luscious curls. My hair only took me 30 minutes to do. That's pretty impressive! Curl direction settings are adjustable too to suit your face shape. It only takes 30 seconds to heat up. I've been loving the dream-wave curls in my hair. I look like I've been to the salon when in-fact I just did it myself 😉 The ceramic curler comes with a USB charger for easy charging. The Wylera hair curler can be shipped to countries such as the UK, Canada, America and Europe, but please check the website for further information. Also please note that my discount code cannot be used on the New Zealand website. You can use my discount code; 'CLARE30" for a whopping $30 of your curler. That's $30 / €20 / £20 off elsewhere! Thanks for watching Would you like to see more IGTV videos in the future? Let me know? Claire Xx . #affaliate . #wylerahaircurler #wylerahair #dreamwave #wylerahairrevolution #freeshippingaustraliawide #australianlife #aussiekids #aussiesofinstagram #aussiemums #aussiegram #australianmums #motherdaughterlove #motherhoodjourney #motherhoodmoments #mothersdaygift #hairstyleoftheday #haircurler #curlyhairdontcare .

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You can use my discount code; CLARE30 for a whopping $30 of your dream wave curler.That’s $30 / €20 / £20 off elsewhere!

The Wylera hair curler can be shipped to countries such as the UK, Canada, America and Europe, but please check the website for further information. Also please note that my discount code cannot be used on the New Zealand website.

Here is a link to the website: https://wylerahair.com/

Afterpay and free shipping is also available within Australia.

Claire Xxx




Hi everyone,

Now I know that washing your hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds+ is the best thing we can do when it comes to  keeping our hands clean, however, when I go out to get my groceries I like to use hand sanitizer especially at the moment.

I have spent several weeks trying to buy hand sanitizer and so far have been unsuccessful in doing so. After failing miserably to buy what I needed, I decided I would make my own hand sanitizer, however sourcing the ingredients was very difficult.
I ended up finding heaps of sanitizer recipes online,  here’s  is my favorite one which adapted too with my favourite scent 朗

This recipe only needs 3 Ingredients 🤞 **please note that sourcing the ingredients for this took me a few weeks**
▪︎.3/4 cup of isopropyl or rubbing alcohol (99 percent) – Mine is actually 100 percent. I sourced 2 litres of this from an online hair store.
▪︎1/4 cup of Aloe Vera ( I bought mine from @chemistwarehouseaus) – but supermarkets would  have it too.
▪︎10 drops of essential oil- I used lemon tea tree,  but you can choose whatever you like. If you don’t have any essential oil then you can use lemon juice instead.(I bought my oils from my local health food store)
▪︎clean empty bottles to put the sanitizer into

▪︎ Pour all ingredients into a bowl, ideally one with a pouring sprout like a glass measuring container.
▪︎Mix with a spoon and then beat with a disk to turn into a sanitizer gel
▪︎Pour the ingredients into small empty bottles, and label them “hand sanitizer” *I found the spray bottles worked the best for this recipe (They also last longer too and you don’t need as spray much)

This hand sanitizer is amazing and so simple to make , It smells really nice and also leaves my skin feeling silky smooth! I don’t think I’ll ever buy hand sanitizer again now that I can make my own 👌

Let me know if you try this recipe

Claire Xxx .

Get ready for school Australia – The complete readiness program for children aged 3-5 years

Get ready for school Australia – The complete readiness program for children aged 3-5 years

Get Ready for School Australia

I thought this might be useful for those of you who are looking for an affordable Australian school readiness program for your little ones aged who are aged 3-5 years, whilst you have your older kiddies at home at the moment.

As a busy homeschooling mummy of 9 children under 12, I am always on the lookout for resources for the younger children to keep them occupied whilst I help teach the older children. The younger children always feel so grown up when I give them fun-learning books to do especially if they sit at the table with the older children. They absolutely love being involved! Remember learning should be a fun experience and not a stressful one! 

Rose has been using the ‘Complete School Readiness Program kit’. This is an awesome curriculum-based program. There is activity guide books for the parents and workbooks for children to work through, as well as laminated sheets, personalized name writing, sticker charts and so much more…

Rose has really enjoyed working through the books and the laminated wipe/clean worksheets. Rose really enjoys writing her name out. Her confidence in her schoolwork is really shining through. She is super excited to start kindergarten next year. I think she will ace kindergarten when she’s finished this program. I am very proud of her progress so far. 

The readiness program will help your child engage regularly in hands-on, playful learning activities to support their confidence and success in their first year of school. It also will help to encourage their love of learning and developing their fine motor skills. This really is such an awesome program at an really affordable price.

The contents of the complete readiness program includes;

1.Parent activity guide book: How To Get Your Child Ready For English
2.Parent activity guide book: How To Get Your Child Ready For Maths
3.Parent activity guide book: How To Get Your Child Ready For Science
4.Forming Numerals workbook (for children) in your State’s writing font
5. Exploring Letters and Sounds workbook (for children) in your State’s writing font
6.An erasable pocket to make the above two books re-usable (see images)
7.Write and wipe number writing (laminated)
8.Write and wipe lowercase writing (laminated)
9.Write and wipe uppercase writing (laminated)10.Early Learning Sticker Chart
11.Personalised name writing set (first name only) in your State’s writing font
12.90 stickers to use with your Early Learning Chart
13.Micador Early Start Marker

Make sure to add in your state, font and personalized name request before purchasing

To buy or find out more you can visit;

Rose also has 15 percent off discount code for you all to use
Please use: Rose15 at checkout 
Please share this around if you know of someone who is looking for a program like this.

Don’t forget that Afterpay is also available

Love Claire xx

Panic buying effects to a large family

Panic buying effects to a large family

We have found the hoarding deeply disturbing and upsetting and we fear it’s only going to get worse.
We refused to play any part in panic buying or clearing the shelves of everyday items that communities needed.

We didn’t ‘stock up’; we didn’t buy more than we needed. We shopped our normal fortnightly/weekly shop and for many of us our budgets certainly didn’t allow for $1000 worth of stockpiling either.

Now we are having regrets.

We chose to listen to our nation’s leader and trust that there was in fact, no food shortage nor would there be any, this was all a result of panic buying and that it would ease.

But here we are – now facing the real possibility of empty trolleys and pantries.
Large families have been stripped of our ability to buy food in the quantities that we…. wait for it, actually NEED, not want. 1 packet of pasta is not enough, or the milk, flour or eggs or anything else you’re limiting (and we absolutely understand why, we do, we find it infuriating as well). We’re now forced to go from shop to shop just to find the essentials, often not finding what we need, and if this continues it could potentially be a big problem.

Some of these larger families live rural and have to travel a significant distance to get their groceries. Yes, it’s easy to say – ‘well, shop daily’, but logistically, it’s incredibly difficult. There is the time taken to travel the often hourly or more round trip, there is the additional fuel to cost, which only adds to an already overstretched budget at this time. These factors should be taken into consideration by our local supermarkets so we can continue our weekly or fortnightly shopping.

Fresh food prices are climbing rapidly. We’re seeing it everywhere. There’s no denying it, and yes, 1 small pack of toilet paper just isn’t going to last more than a day or so in a large family household.
We are hoping our big supermarket chains, Coles , WoolworthsALDI Australia Australia, IGACostco Wholesale Australia – might be able to assist with a solution, to help ensure that our children are not going to go hungry, and that you’re larger than average family will be able to put an adequate sized meal on the table.

We’re more than happy to present our Medicare cards to you, to show you the amount of our dependents. We’re not hoarding, we’re simply trying to steer clear of daily trips to the supermarket and visit on a weekly basis, to lessen our social contact at this time. We want to keep our families safe as well.

We know a wonderful community of Large Family parents and carers that are really feeling the pressure from this right now (and many average sized families are, we do understand – but that 1 packet of pasta will likely feed your family with leftovers, but for ours, that’s barely touching the sides), and we really want to bring your attention to this issue and find a more practical way forward. We need to feed our family.

We really appreciate all you have done so far trying to keep the shelves stocked and to curb the panic buying.
We are not asking for special treatment, just fair treatment, an opportunity to buy “what we need for our children”.

We are all in this together. Surely we can find a compromise? Please help us with this.


Georgina – Large Family Lifestyle
Claire – This tribe of mine
Jeni – The Bonell Family
Jess – Houseofhoods_

On behalf of –
Large Family parents/Carers everywhere.

Mask Co – Air freshners

Mask Co – Air freshners

Hi everyone,

I am excited  to share with you that @mask_co have released their new air freshener range with 9 amazing scents to spritz around your home.

The  9 scents are;
1.Musk sticks
2.Baby powder
3.Lychee and peony
4.Pink marshmallow
5.Lime and mandarin
6.Eucalyptus and pine needle
7.Fairy dust
8.Sour patch lollies
9.Gorilla snot

These air freshners are completely natural and are Australian made. They are made with pure essential oils. You only need one spray and  the smell will linger for hours. You can also use the sprays in your car, around your bins, and after changing nappies etc..

I think the whole range smells amazing. It gives me peace of mind knowing that they are chemical free. Yay for no harsh chemicals and a beautiful smelling home

My top 3 scents are;

1.Pink marshmallow
2.Baby powder
3.Lychee and peony

If you would one to try to the range then feel free to use my code ; Tribe15 at checkout.

Claire Xxx .

My keto journey so far

My keto journey so far


As most of you know by now, My name is Claire, I am a 33-year-old mum of nine children under 12 years of age which include 8 girls and 1 boy. I am married to an amazing man called Mark aged 37. He is incredible and supports me in everything I do. We live in regional NSW and have home-schooled our children for 5 years. I feel very blessed to have a big beautiful and healthy family. We work hard and do everything we can to maintain a happy household. Life is pretty amazing!

This time 20 months ago I was on holiday in the New South Wales south coast with my family, We were having such a wonderful time away and were making such amazing memories together. We had days out at the beach and we ate out at our favourite restaurants. Everything was going great but I knew something wasn’t right within myself! I wasn’t depressed but I always felt tired, down and sluggish. I also felt very unmotivated but still got on with my daily routines. At that time I weighed 107 kilos and I realized that I had to drastically change something in my life. I was scared but I wanted to be the best I could be for my family.

About 8 weeks after the birth of our 9th child Michael, I decided I needed to change my eating habits and lose some weight and so my husband did some research and came across the Keto diet! “What was this I said to myself? I felt very intrigued but I was also very skeptical on whether it would actually work because I’ve tried so many diets in the past so why was this one any different?

The keto diet is a high-fat, high- protein, low-carbohydrate diet The diet forces the body to burn fats rather than the carbohydrates! As soon as I read that I had to cut out the carbohydrates I got a little worried! I was definitely a fan of eating carbohydrates because they satisfied my cravings fast and made me feel good but the downside was I crashed quickly after eating.

The first week of the diet was hard because I had cut everything that was high in carbohydrates out of my diet and I felt quite tired and I also had a mild case of the “keto flu” But I pushed through it. Soon after I started running for 30 minutes every day. At the end of week one, I was down almost 2 kilos which felt amazing! By the end of month one, I was down 8 kilos! I was shocked! This diet was actually working and I was enjoying it too! I felt really good and had so much more energy. I was already seeing BIG results!

After 3 months I had lost 15 kilos and people were noticing and telling me how well I looked. By the 6th month, I had lost 20 kilos which was a huge milestone for me! I felt so proud of myself for losing the weight and sticking to the diet! Not only was I busy mum of nine, I was also kicking goals with my weight loss too! It just goes to show that anyone can do this! By the end of month 12, I had lost 25 kilos and was feeling so much more motivated and happy. When I compared side by side pictures of myself I realized how much weight I had actually lost

After 20 months of strict Keto, I have lost 32 kilos altogether and I am feeling fantastic! I never thought I could do it but I did! I’m now back to the weight I was before I had any of my children which is pretty incredible! I know I will never be skinny and that is okay because I don’t want to be either. It’s great to feel healthy and still
have those curves! After losing the bulk of the weight, the weight loss has a been a bit slower but that’s healthy and to be expected.

I still have some weight to lose and I know I can do it!. I am so thankful to have the Keto diet because it has changed my life and my whole mindset on food has changed too. I don’t miss pasta or rice anymore! When you start Keto and learn more about it you realize there are so many yummy alternatives to the foods you were eating before and it allows you to be more creative when it comes to cooking. Some favourite dishes in our house are “Keto chicken and bacon curry” and a “Keto Sheppard’s pie” *just swap the potato for cauliflower mash*. Both dishes taste incredible! I also make my own Keto bread and it tastes really good!

You can follow my journey on;
Instagram :https://www.instagram.com/thistribeofmineofficial/
Blog: https://thistribeofmine.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thistribeofmine

Claire xxxxxxx

PHOTOBOOKSHOP – 2020 photo tiles Review

PHOTOBOOKSHOP – 2020 photo tiles Review

My tribe holding their photo tiles

Hi everyone,

I recently created these amazing personalized photo tiles through PhotobookShopshop
They came out so well and look AMAZING and most of all the kids love them!

You can create these stunning tiles and personalize them any way you want with the easy- to- use ‘online creator software’

The tiles are $59 for 3 and then $15 for any additional tiles you create. You can use my code; TRIBE10 for a further 10 per cent of your order.😊🤩 The photo tiles are easy to hang. It’s also really awesome to get the whole family involved and create fun and unique patterns on your wall with the tiles.

The photo tiles are easy to move around and you can reposition them anytime. Just simply lift and move!

These tiles will not damage your walls at all!

No tools!
No holes!
No mess!

The photo tiles come with an adhesive strip that holds strong and removes cleanly from your wall. 😁

You can personalize your tiles and really make them your own and turn them into stunning pieces of art for your home 🤩

Thank You Photobookshop

Claire. XXxxX

Australia needs your help

Australia needs your help


🌎 We need the most INFLUENTIAL people of the world to come together;
*To spread donation links
*To spread media coverage
*To spread awareness
*To spread love and prayer
*To spread global knowledge

Ultimately – to help support the catastrophic events that are unfolding; Australia is living their worst nightmare, and every second that passes we are losing our battle 😭




Claire xxx



My birthday fundraiser for Down Syndrome Australia

My birthday fundraiser for Down Syndrome Australia

My beautiful sister

Hi, everyone,

For my 33rd birthday this year, I’m asking for donations to Down Syndrome Australia. I’ve chosen this nonprofit because their mission means a lot to me, and I hope you’ll consider contributing as a way to celebrate with me. Every little bit will help me reach my goal. I’ve included information about Down Syndrome Australia below.

Down Syndrome Australia was established in 2011 as the peak body for people with Down syndrome in Australia.

Our purpose is to influence social and policy change, provide a national profile and voice for people living with Down syndrome.

Our vision is an Australia where people living with Down syndrome are valued, reach their potential and enjoy social and economic inclusion. This cause is very close to my heart as I have beautiful sister with down syndrome who lives in England. She is just the best human ever and I miss her dearly

Here is the link to either donate or share : https://www.facebook.com/donate/3823504451008947/2373639502946071/

Love Claire.