The 2021 ultimate family planner

The 2021 ultimate family planner

Hi everyone,

As we all know 2020 has thrown us many curve balls and we we’ve all been left thinking “What next? Like many of us, I had big plans for this year and, well, they just did not happen! It certainly has been a strange year for us all.

I have decided that in 2021 I’m going to take control of my life and plan everything and to help me with this is the new chapter is the amazing Ultimate Family Planner 2021 family planner. This planner is absolutely fantastic because it’s designed specifically for all your family needs. You can also keep track of your diet, dinner menus, appointments, after school activities, parties, work bills, and everything else that comes with parenthood! It’s really awesome to have everything you need to keep up with in one place. This is going to make my life so much easier! Bring on the future.

The pre-sales for the 2021 Ultimate Family Planner will be live tonight at 6pm and will stay open until Friday. If you pre-order this week then you will receive your planner by November which is exciting. It would make an awesome Christmas gift for a fellow mumma.

The planners will be $69.99 but with my discount code CLAIRE10 you will receive 10% off your planner.

Click here to order your planner while pre-sale stock lasts:

Don’t forget it’s live at 6pm so if you’d like to be one of the first people to get your hands on this gorgeous 2021 planner, then tonight’s the night to do so! Let me know if your order. 2021 is going to be a great year, I can feel it in my bones.

Love Claire


Photobookshop review – Take 2

Photobookshop review – Take 2

Photo book

Hey everyone,

Happy Monday – #ad
Today I wanted to follow on from my last photo book shop review and share some of the amazing products I created again through PhotobookShop. Now you guys all know that I love taking photos and editing them, so this opportunity has been perfect for me because It’s so much fun making personalized photo products with your very own photos!

Creating products like photo books and other personalized items are not only great keepsakes they also make really wonderful and meaningful gifts for a loved one

ABOUT PHOTO BOOK SHOP – Taken from their website –

Our Vision – To help Capture Your Memories forever We all have hundreds of photos hidden in boring albums or tucked away in dusty boxes under the bed, and now with the addition of digital cameras and smart phones in our everyday life it is easy to forget those great moments you have snapped along the way. It is our vision to help you Capture Your Memories by giving you the tools to design your own stunning Photo books, Canvases and other photo-print products. 

We then promise to produce the project you’ve invested so much love and thought into, to the highest quality standards while giving you outstanding customer service along the way. .About Us Photo Bookshop is an Australian owned and operated company giving you the tools to design your own Photo-books, Canvases and other photo-print products in the comfort of your home. Our FREE design software lets you become the creative genius behind crafting your own book using photos from all occasions helping you capture your memories to share with friends and family near and far. 

For many of our customers, Photo Bookshop becomes not just a hobby but a passion, with some of our regulars creating shelves of photo books while others decorate their homes with stunning canvases of their favorite photos. No matter how you want to display your precious memories, Photo Bookshop has the right product for you.Our Story In 2009, Peter Thomas had an ambition to create the best quality photo books for the lowest price, making these available for everyone at home to enjoy. Over the next 12 months, Peter worked day and night researching, testing and developing a plan to create, print and deliver the best photo books available. 

In a short but very busy 5 years, Photo Bookshop has outgrown two factories while adding over 70 products to their range and 50+ staff members to their team. Their ambition continues to grow as they constantly develop their technology and processes to guarantee you receive the best quality products at the most affordable price. 

In the next few years you will see Peter and the team bringing you new and innovative photo print products in fun and easy-to-use ways!

Thank You. Big thanks go to their 250,000+ devoted customers who continue to support Australian made giving Photo Bookshop the opportunity to grow and become Australia’s leading manufacturer in Photo books!

I love using their easy creator software and personalizing the products and making them my own. You can chose so many different templates and designs! the possibilities are endless! I have created some beautiful products that my family and I will cherish forever! My family and I love nothing more than snuggling up on the sofa looking through all the photo books and all those specials memories we have made together over the years.
This month I made personalized wooden spoons, a huge family canvas, a photo book and a sequin photo purse, and an acrylic family picture. I love everything I created.
Would you like to create your own personalized product too?

Huge family canvas
personalized wooden kitchen spoons

You can easily create these amazing products do by following these 3 easy steps; 
1. Capture those special moments / Purchase Voucher
2. Design your product
3. Order and upload

You will receive 10% off the prices on this page:

You can use my code TRIBE10 for a 10% discount at checkout .
This post is in collaboration with Photobookshop via Mum Network

I will receive a small commission through any sales made by using my discount code. The discount code expires on August 24th

I will be posting picture of the sequin purse and acrylic family photo in the next few days so stay tuned for that!

I cant wait to see what the amazing team at Photo book shop come out with next! It’s very exciting! Thank you for letting me be a part of your amazing journey

Let me know if you create anything and don’t hesitate to ask questions to either myself – or any on the friendly team over at;

photo book

Enjoy your day lovelies 
Claire Xx .

Affordable everyday skincare

Affordable everyday skincare

Hey everyone,

Welcome to this weeks blog post. Now,  you all know I have  I have been battling a horrible virus for over 10 days now, so, unfortunately, it has been a little quiet on the blog post front. I am still unwell, but definitely feeling much better than I was.

Today I wanted to talk to you all about skincare. Now as a mum of 9 children I hadn’t always looked after my skin, I sometimes would be so tired at the end of the day and would fall asleep in my makeup! We all know we shouldn’t do that but we are all guilty of it. Recently I have started pampering myself a little more and it has honestly made me feel so much better.

I started wearing makeup when I was only 11 years old!  It’s very young I know! I used to cake my makeup on and it looked horrendous, eventually, I got the hang of it. I have always been quite lucky and have had reasonably good skin,  it’s only started to decline in the last few years since having my children,  and getting a little older that I noticed it was a little on the dry side.

I had always thought buying skincare would be out of my budget and too expensive, but after talking to a lovely Priceline employee at my local Priceline I realized how affordable it actually was! I told them I was a busy mum and that I only wanted quick skincare routine that could be done in under five minutes. The Priceline employee was very helpful and very knowledgeable about all the products she spoke about.

After chatting to the Priceline employee for a while I decided on buying natural skin care.

The first product I bought was the;  Blessed by nature skincare revival kit  This was only $18.99 and it came in a lovely little cosmetic bag, in the bag you get 2 creams, a day cream, and a night cream. When I first started using the cream my face would sting, and this was only because it was enriched with vitamins A, C & E,  but after a few days it settled and my skin got used to it. I have been using these creams for 3 -4 weeks now, and both creams have been working really well on my skin. They smell divine too. These skin creams are suitable for all skin types and I highly recommend them!

The second product I bought was the; Essano beauty rosehip micellar water  I bought this product for about $5.99, but currently, it is on special for $4.49 Which is an absolute bargain! I squirt a small amount of this onto to some cotton pads * this is important because it activates the product*  and just cleanse my face, it works great as a makeup remover, or even just a little something to keep your skin feeling cool and fresh. I absolutely love this product and will definitely be buying more when this one runs out! I also to clean my face, the Priceline makeup remover wipes; These makeup remover wipes are only $2 which is incredibly cheap, I bought the sensitive skin ones and they have honestly worked so well on my skin

The third product which I use once a week, which was kindly gifted to me from Priceline, is the;  You can buy this product for only $22.99. It might only be a 50gram jar, but you honestly only need a small amount to cover your whole face. I leave mine on for about 10 minutes and then I just rinse it off. My face always feels super fresh and smooth after I use it. This product smells amazing, and I have noticed a big change in my skin since I’ve been using it!

I have been using all these products listed now for about 3-4 weeks and I’m so happy with them all, they don’t take long to apply,  and my skin is feeling super soft and looking so much more fresh and youthful.  I may have started my skincare regime quite late but it’s never too late to make these changes in your life.

I bought my skincare products for under $30 which in my eyes is a complete bargain!

Please remember that I’ll only ever share products with you that I have tried and tested and absolutely love. 

Priceline have lots of awesome deals on at the moment, and just in time for Christmas. You can check them out at