our brave boy

our brave boy

Hey everyone,

I have a little story to tell…

Our dear little boy, Michael has had a rough week last week.

On Tuesday morning last week, his sister, Martina accidentally shut his finger in the bathroom door, usually when this happens you just get a little “ouchy”, but unfortunately for Michael, it was a lot worse than that! There was a lot of blood and his nail had actually uprooted to the back of his finger! He was in a lot of pain, so we drove him up to the hospital where he had an X-ray done. There were no broken bones, but a tiny hairline crack could be seen on the bone.

The hospital decided to put him on antibiotics as well as a cast on his arm and finger to stop him from moving them around. We were then told to go and see a plastics specialist the following day. We followed through with the plastics specialist who told us Michael would need to come back the following day for surgery to clean up his finger, as well as move any dead bits of skin and nail from his finger.

We arrived at the hospital at 7 am on Thursday last week and then we waited a further 6.5 hours before he had his surgery. By this point, Michael was extremely hungry, miserable, and exhausted. Before he went into surgery, I put some scrubs on and was able to go into the theatre with him and hold him while they administered the anesthetic, this was not nice to watch, however, the plastics team were so amazing, and assured me that everything I saw was normal. I cried as I held him, watching him go limp and into a peaceful sleep.

Once he was under I left the theatre and I cried again. It had been such a long and emotional day for us both. Michael was in surgery for about 30 minutes but I wasn’t called back into the recovery ward until 3.25 pm. He was having a little bit of trouble coming around from the anesthetic, but once I held his hand and he spoke to his daddy, he began to perk up and was eating an ice lolly. He was very grizzly and upset for some time after that but we were home by 8 pm last night.

He is so brave. He has to go and see the nurse on Friday to check up on everything.

Unfortunately, he will still had his boxer bandage on for his 4th birthday on Valentines day but this doesn’t seem to phase him too much because he now thinks he is Iron Man 🦾

He is such a little warrior


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