My health goals for the year

My health goals for the year

Hi everyone,

I wanted to wtite a little bit about my health goals for the year. Now, I know it’s almost March! Where did that time go? I still think it’s a good time to organise some health goals for the rest of the year. Better late than never right?! So let’s get into it! As you all know, I lost over 39 kilos over the last 4 years by excersising and doing the keto diet. I’ve maintained this lifestyle pretty well, however, my weight before and after Christmas has fluctuated a bit and I now need to make some changes again.


This year the main goal is to safely loose at least 10-15 kilos and still eat a low carb/high protein diet. I love eating low carb food and don’t see myself changing this up anytime soon! I’m constantly finding new and fun recipes to bake all the time. My favourite keto recipes to make are: ‘low carb donuts’ and ‘low carb fathead bagels’ The next recipe I’m trying is; ‘keto coco pops’ 😋


To help with the exercising aspect, I’m training from 6.30am till 7.15am – Monday to Friday over a group zoom session with a personal trainer called: ‘Seb Guilhaus’ * gifted sessions*. To find the current challenge you can click here:

We are currently in week 2 of challenge 10 and it’s really awesome. We are put into buddy groups with team leaders – This is where you can keep upto date with upcoming sessions, boost one another up and share goals/results/recipes. Seb also has an awesome meal plan that you can follow too. Everyone is really supportive and kind and are there for any questions you may have throughout the challenge.

If you’re not one for excersising, then don’t worry! I wasn’t either! But Seb makes everyone feel at ease, gives lot’s of praise amd support. Seb also makes excersising fun by adding some funny dances in the mix too. I highly recommend you try it out for sure! Seb still has some spot’s available for this current challenge so definitely contact him directly and he will get back to you. Another thing I aim to do more of this year is walking! I love my early morning walks, I just haven’t done enough of it, so I need to get a move on! I also love a good swim too ( weather permittimg of course) It’s very good for achy muscles and also for relaxation for your mind and body!

Vitamins and supplements

This year I’m making sure I’m taking the right supplements. I’m taking personalised vitamins that have been created just for me *gifted* with “Vitable vitamins”. All you need to do is click this >> link and do a quick little health and lifestyle quiz, then your vitamins will be sent out to you! You can get $$ of your first month if you use my link above, or my discount code: CLAIRE35.

I take my Vitable vitamins every day to look over my overall health and well-being, it’s also an added bonus that they give me tons of energy too. Us parents need that extra energy after all! Before taking the Vitable supplements, I was having alot of trouble sleeping and feeling rather irritable becauseof it, but now in my second month on Vitable, I’m finally sleeping alot better! I’m one happy mum! I’m also taking Collagen protein powders with The Collagen co *gifted* They have a plain flavoured one aswell a few other flavours. I’ve been having fun by adding them into my low carb recipes and smoothies. My hair, skin and nails have never looked better too. I’ll post some picture updates soon!

Dont forget!

I really must remember to drink more water! I don’t do it enough and probably drink more coffee than anything! This needs to improve, so I’ve decided to set daily reminders. It’s so important to stay hydrated! i must not forget to do this several times throughout the day.

Prayer and stressing less

A part of my health goals this year is to focus alot my on daily prayers. As a christian, prayer is a huge part of my everyday life. Praying my prayers is reall great for my mind, boy and soul and I instantly feel a lot less stressed when I’ve been praying.

I hope you enjoyed my yearly health goals update! Fingers crossed I can stick to everything I said! I am very determinded and ready to smash these goals.

What are your health goals for the year?

Love Claire xxx

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A very hard day

A very hard day

This was me on Thursday last week. I was extremely emotional and tired in full scrubs before heading into the theatre with Michael to help keep him calm as the anesthetic was being administered to him 😔

Before surgery, Michael laughed at me and said:” Mumma you look like a doctor” 😂 Could you even imagine me as a doctor? Despite it being a highly exhausting and emotional day for us both, his comments did make me laugh. He definitely charmed all the medical staff, especially when he was asking for food, stickers, and lego. He really is a beautiful and brave little boy.

I’m so glad he is okay


our brave boy

our brave boy

Hey everyone,

I have a little story to tell…

Our dear little boy, Michael has had a rough week last week.

On Tuesday morning last week, his sister, Martina accidentally shut his finger in the bathroom door, usually when this happens you just get a little “ouchy”, but unfortunately for Michael, it was a lot worse than that! There was a lot of blood and his nail had actually uprooted to the back of his finger! He was in a lot of pain, so we drove him up to the hospital where he had an X-ray done. There were no broken bones, but a tiny hairline crack could be seen on the bone.

The hospital decided to put him on antibiotics as well as a cast on his arm and finger to stop him from moving them around. We were then told to go and see a plastics specialist the following day. We followed through with the plastics specialist who told us Michael would need to come back the following day for surgery to clean up his finger, as well as move any dead bits of skin and nail from his finger.

We arrived at the hospital at 7 am on Thursday last week and then we waited a further 6.5 hours before he had his surgery. By this point, Michael was extremely hungry, miserable, and exhausted. Before he went into surgery, I put some scrubs on and was able to go into the theatre with him and hold him while they administered the anesthetic, this was not nice to watch, however, the plastics team were so amazing, and assured me that everything I saw was normal. I cried as I held him, watching him go limp and into a peaceful sleep.

Once he was under I left the theatre and I cried again. It had been such a long and emotional day for us both. Michael was in surgery for about 30 minutes but I wasn’t called back into the recovery ward until 3.25 pm. He was having a little bit of trouble coming around from the anesthetic, but once I held his hand and he spoke to his daddy, he began to perk up and was eating an ice lolly. He was very grizzly and upset for some time after that but we were home by 8 pm last night.

He is so brave. He has to go and see the nurse on Friday to check up on everything.

Unfortunately, he will still had his boxer bandage on for his 4th birthday on Valentines day but this doesn’t seem to phase him too much because he now thinks he is Iron Man 🦾

He is such a little warrior


My second month on Vitable

My second month on Vitable

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d update you on my journey with the vitable supplements I’ve been taking

My journey on Vitable so far has been really great! It’s certainly been a busy month too! I take the Vitable vitamins every day to look over my overall health and well-being, it’s also an added bonus that they give me tons of energy too. I think all parents need the extra energy after all! 😜

Before taking the Vitable supplements, I was having alot of trouble sleeping and feeling rather irritable becauseof it, but now in my second month on Vitable, I’m finally sleeping alot better! I’m one happy mumma 🥰

You could get your own personalised Vitable supplements too, just click the link here and take the online quiz now –

My discount code is CLAIRE35

DISCLAIMER: Always read the label and follow the dAlways read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. Vitamins should not replace a balanced diet.