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Hello Clever

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Hello Clever is an awesome budgeting app where you track all your spending and also how much you are saving. You can set up  your own personal goals for things you are trying to save for like a house, cars, Christmas, side hustles, etc… I have made one for Christmas 2022 and for a side hustle project, that would allow me to save over a 3 year period.

You can also set up upcoming bills, that way it will remind you of when your payments need to come out. The app also has a section where you can upload your electricity bill and what’s really cool about it, is that ‘hello’ will let you know if you could be saving money by going with a different provider

Another cool thing in the app is the cashback section. “Hello” has partnered with over 100 brands where you can get cashback rewards when you shop with them. Their providers include companies such as; Stax, muscle nation, and Catch + so much more!

The team behind ‘HELLO’ is mostly made up of ex-bankers,finetech advocates with banking and commercial mindsets. The team are highly qualified and are completely dedicated to helping millions of people feel good about their money and to also helping them achieve their goals a lot quicker. Hello go by the below qoute;

“Together we are fighting the world financial health because we believe everyone should have the knowledge and the means to make better financial decisions”

Download the app and start your clever journey now!


Claire Xxx

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