I wear my heart on my sleeve

I wear my heart on my sleeve


You may have wondered where I’ve been lately? I’m just taking some time out with my family and my husband, I’m still recovering from my neck pain too. We are also still in lockdown in regional NSW which has been hard. If you’re in lockdown, then, I hope you’re okay? It’s a very tough time for all. Please reach out if you need a chat?

When I write a post online, I put my heart and soul into it, I’m always honest and open with you about my thoughts and feelings which enables me to write creatively and truthfully, I really do wear my heart on my sleeve. I know you would all appreciate my honesty and thoughts, I’m just finding it really hard to put my feelings into words and don’t condone any kind of bullying and won’t stand for such behaviour on my social platforms

I’m so sick and tired of all the division and the fighting that’s happening in our country right now. I never thought I’d see the day where this would happen! But here we are! I have lived in Australia for 15 years and became an Australian citizen in 2020 and I proudly took the pledge under God. It was a memorable day.

I believe in freedom! Please don’t bully others because they feel differently! We are all in this together!

God Bless

Love Claire Xx

Men who Scrub – review

Men who Scrub – review


My husband Mark has bagged himself an early father’s day present. He has been *gifted* the freshly shaven shower scrub from @menwhoscrub. This particular scent smells absolutely incredible but you can get the scrub in few other scents too such as lime and coconut and salted caramel. Mark has also been *gifted* the magnesium spray too which is useful for aches and pains, it can also help with a good night’s sleep. I think I might be stealing the magnesium spray from him but don’t tell him 🤫😆

Men who Scrub was created by a lovely lady called Bridie and her husband Dan. Bridie was sick of Dan stealing her scrubs, now the men in our lives have an irresistible range of scrubs for the ladies to steal 😉 I’m already eyeing up the salted caramel scented one 😉🙃

Their scrubs are amazing for removing all the dirt and grime of the day, you are left exfoliated, smooth and smelling delicious.

Men who Scrub is handmade on the Central Coast, Australia using all natural ingredients with a variety of high quality fragrances to suit EVERYONE!

Father’s Day Pre orders are now live on the website. You can also use my discount code: claire10 at checkout – link; https://menwhoscrub.com.au/?ref=qnpbz8vpy8c

Claire Xx