50% off sale at Hideaway

50% off sale at Hideaway


Hideaway Handmade?

Then look no further 🤩

I have their new coffee scrub Duo Pack
GIFTED – which features both of their natural Coffee Scrub and Peppermint Coffee Scrub. Plus they’ve added a FREE Exfoliating Mitt to the Duo pack to complete your exfoliating skin care routine.

Just gently scrub away dead skin to unveil soft, more nourished and radiant looking skin with the Coffee Scrub!

Their Coffee Scrub is infused with natural oils including Avocado, Jojoba and Almond oils, leaving your skin noticeably silky smooth, while featuring natural aromatics including Orange Essential Oil/Peppermint oil

If Coffee scrub is not you thing then why not see what else they have to offer? There is so much to choose from on their website.The possibilities are endless! I also love using their whipped soaps and creams in the vanilla caramel scent. My temporary 50% off discount code is: CLAIREH50. You don’t want to miss out! This code will finish at the end of July!

Link: https://www.hideaway.online/?gclid=CjwKCAjwgISIBhBfEiwALE19SZZuSAgYljaMXj-S2AlWUQt20Chhap-clODhwehSVJbwzYEGskDW2hoCD6IQAvD_BwE

Claire Xx

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