Pebble Stone Books – Collab/review

Pebble Stone Books – Collab/review

In collaboration with Pebble Stone Books​

Hi everyone,

My lovely little Michael aged 21 months has been having fun colouring in his new ‘Tiddly toddler me’ storybook. It’s a little life journal but for a toddler! You can add photos, stickers and colour it in however you want. You can write about your favourite things and who your best friends are and so much more! The book is full of amazing activities to keep your little one engaged. Once completed it will be a beautiful keepsake that can be cherished for many years to come.
Michael and Martina will continue to colour in their books and we will be sure to share their progress along the way 😍 The book is $39 which is an absolute bargain!
Why not head on over @pebblestonebooks today and check out their new ‘birthday book’ which has launched TODAY! Pebble Stone books are also running a contest where you and friend could win one of these new ‘Birthday books! Head on over to find out more details and good luck!
Thankyou @pebblestonebooks
Claire Xxx .

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