World prematurity day 2019

World prematurity day 2019

Fran in NICU in 2011

Hey everyone,

Today is world prematurity day 2019. I’ve had a few premature babies over this years and I know how difficult and emotional it can be when you see your precious tiny baby in the NICU nursery. I find it hard to talk about but I have promised to be more open and honest with you all.

My little miracle baby Franchesca was born at 28 weeks gestation on February 15th 2011. Fran was born 11 and a half weeks early! Although this was almost 9 years ago and she is absolutely fine now, I still remember the day well.

I remember feeling ‘off ‘ the day she was born, the other kids had been unwell with gastro and I thought maybe I was coming down with it too but my stomach pains had got worse throughout the day. The pain was irregular but it was awful and unbearable. By early evening I was on my way to the hospital and I could feel things progressing. I was so scared 😭 I knew it was way too early and all I wanted was to keep my baby safe.

Within 30 mins arriving at the hospital and 2 small pushes my little miracle Franchesca was born. She was beautiful but so very tiny and under 1 kilo in weight. All I wanted to do was hold her and protect her but I couldn’t because she was being rushed up to the NICU. I have so many emotions flowing through me and I just felt so numb. To everyone’s surprise, Franchesca grew from strength to strength every day and only spent 6 weeks in the hospital. She definitely was a little warrior and still has a stubborn side to her now 9 years on.

I’m so proud of how far she has come. My other children were born at 34 and 36 weeks and have done NICU on both occasions and all have been hard. I am thankful for all the love and support we received during those difficult moments. The NICU team were incredible too.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families who have been through this or are experiencing it right now. I get your pain and know what it’s like. X

You can donate to help a NICU family in need via @tommeetippeeaustralia I will put the link here;
Thanks for reading

Claire xx

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