Pebble Stone Books – Collab/review

Pebble Stone Books – Collab/review

In collaboration with Pebble Stone Books​

Hi everyone,

My lovely little Michael aged 21 months has been having fun colouring in his new ‘Tiddly toddler me’ storybook. It’s a little life journal but for a toddler! You can add photos, stickers and colour it in however you want. You can write about your favourite things and who your best friends are and so much more! The book is full of amazing activities to keep your little one engaged. Once completed it will be a beautiful keepsake that can be cherished for many years to come.
Michael and Martina will continue to colour in their books and we will be sure to share their progress along the way 😍 The book is $39 which is an absolute bargain!
Why not head on over @pebblestonebooks today and check out their new ‘birthday book’ which has launched TODAY! Pebble Stone books are also running a contest where you and friend could win one of these new ‘Birthday books! Head on over to find out more details and good luck!
Thankyou @pebblestonebooks
Claire Xxx .

CleanedbyKoh – collab

CleanedbyKoh – collab

Hi everyone,

Recently have been trying to switch all our cleaning products to more natural and safer alternatives and so I was excited when I came across @cleanedbykoh.

I have been using Koh now for almost 6 months and I love it! It’s amazing how shiny my sink looks after using it! It’s amazing!

I know this might sound cheesy but I have never been so excited about a cleaning product before as I am right now! I am blown away by how amazing it is! I never had any universal product like this ever before! it is a huge game-changer and will make a huge difference to our family life!
You have to try this out because I am telling you it is so good!

My family and I love using Koh because it has no harsh chemicals or toxic fumes which means we can all work as a team and not have to worry about the product being unsafe.

We also love that it saves us time and money and works around the whole home! Thanks to Koh cleaning has now become so much fun in our busy family home.

I have a special discount code for you all that will give you $10 off your first order when you order any of the bundles on the website. The code can only be used for Australian addresses only and it can only be used once per customer.
My discount code is: THISTRIBEOFMINE

Our lives are so much easier with a touch of Koh in it! “I don’t just clean! “I koh! 😎

Claire Xxx.

World prematurity day 2019

World prematurity day 2019

Fran in NICU in 2011

Hey everyone,

Today is world prematurity day 2019. I’ve had a few premature babies over this years and I know how difficult and emotional it can be when you see your precious tiny baby in the NICU nursery. I find it hard to talk about but I have promised to be more open and honest with you all.

My little miracle baby Franchesca was born at 28 weeks gestation on February 15th 2011. Fran was born 11 and a half weeks early! Although this was almost 9 years ago and she is absolutely fine now, I still remember the day well.

I remember feeling ‘off ‘ the day she was born, the other kids had been unwell with gastro and I thought maybe I was coming down with it too but my stomach pains had got worse throughout the day. The pain was irregular but it was awful and unbearable. By early evening I was on my way to the hospital and I could feel things progressing. I was so scared 😭 I knew it was way too early and all I wanted was to keep my baby safe.

Within 30 mins arriving at the hospital and 2 small pushes my little miracle Franchesca was born. She was beautiful but so very tiny and under 1 kilo in weight. All I wanted to do was hold her and protect her but I couldn’t because she was being rushed up to the NICU. I have so many emotions flowing through me and I just felt so numb. To everyone’s surprise, Franchesca grew from strength to strength every day and only spent 6 weeks in the hospital. She definitely was a little warrior and still has a stubborn side to her now 9 years on.

I’m so proud of how far she has come. My other children were born at 34 and 36 weeks and have done NICU on both occasions and all have been hard. I am thankful for all the love and support we received during those difficult moments. The NICU team were incredible too.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families who have been through this or are experiencing it right now. I get your pain and know what it’s like. X

You can donate to help a NICU family in need via @tommeetippeeaustralia I will put the link here;
Thanks for reading

Claire xx

Oh Beehave in-home consults – Collab

Oh Beehave in-home consults – Collab

In-home consults with Ohbeehave​ – collab

About the service
In-Home Consulting is a service provided in the home that gives parents techniques and supports to help them with their child’s behaviour.

Oh, beehave work with the parents one on one to fully understand their challenges, design a plan that meets their individual needs, provide support to implement the plan and ensure they achieve the outcomes they are looking for.

They work with parents of toddlers to teens and everything in between!
An In-home consult includes:

2 x home visits

Individualised Oh Beehave Plan (tailored to the family’s personal needs)

2 weeks phone and email support

This service is Perth-based for home visits, with video conferencing options available for clients outside Perth (regional & remote areas, other states & countries)

Why Do I Need an Oh Beehave Consultant?

There is a lot of information out there about child behaviour with varied advice about what may or may not work. From well-researched websites to family, friends and the well-meaning lady down the road, to that Mum-Blogger you love to follow on Instagram. But is that what you really need to help you, in your personal situation, with your child, in your family?

Other parents can be a wealth of knowledge, but sometimes you need extra support that doesn’t sound like “this worked for me”.

The chances are, if a strategy worked for one child, in one household, in an environment and family completely different to yours… that strategy almost definitely will not work for you and your child. That’s because all kids are different and all parents are different!
There are times when you need someone who can help you understand why your child is acting the way they are, interpret all the information and advice being thrown your way, and reassure you that you’ve got this!
Sometimes we get so focused on pretending that we’ve got it all together to our friends and family, that it becomes hard to drop the facade and admit to the challenges and uncertainties we are facing, to discuss how we really feel.

Even when we do build up the courage to talk about it, well-meaning comments or advice can, unfortunately, chip away at our confidence further.

These are the times when you need someone completely independent. Someone who will listen to you without judgment or bias. Someone who won’t give you advice, but will help you work through your challenges and give you the tools and confidence to be the best parent you can be.

Having kid’s is challenging and it is OK to ask for help. Asking for help means you’re a good parent!

Who Will Be My Consultant?
Dominique Groenveld is your Oh Beehave Consultant. She will work with you and your family to identify the outcomes you want to achieve and help you put in place a plan with simple but effective techniques to make sure you accomplish the results you are looking for.

The service they provide is not like all the Mum’s you see out there who tell you what will work based on their experience with their own children. This service is based on my work with many children in many different environments and family dynamics. With me, you won’t feel like you’re being judged by someone who believes there’s a “right” or “wrong” way to parent. I honestly believe the only right way, is for you to decide how you want to parent your child. Because you know your child best!

Dominque has a wealth of knowledge about learning and behaviour management (she studied at University and achieved a Bachelor degree in Psychology, a Post Graduate Degree in Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Education – Majoring in School Psychology and Minoring in Health Teaching – and she was even lucky enough to have my thesis published in an International Journal!) but all fancy paperwork aside, Dominque is experienced in working with children and families and her goal is to make sure you achieve the best possible outcomes for you and your family.

What Does it Cost?
In-Home Consults are valued at $500 (video-conferencing option is valued at $400)

More information about the service is available on her website:

You can also use my discount code; “TRIBEOFMINE” for a 10 per cent discount. The discount expires in 2 days
Claire Xx