Who are we to judge?!

Who are we to judge?!

Hey everyone,

For the last 4 weeks, I have noticed a homeless man sitting outside Aldi in my local town and I admit for the first few weeks I just smiled at him and didn’t do anything to help him! And if I’m completely honest then I was a little nervous approaching him because I didn’t want to place myself in an unsafe situation. Looking back though I wished I had helped him sooner.

On Saturday afternoon I had noticed he had a limp and I could feel the sadness that filled his eyes, I knew at that moment that I wanted to help him in any way I could. Earlier that day I had been on a girly shopping day with my mother in law and I had a bit of money left over and so I walked up to him and handed him $50! Now I know what you are all thinking! You think it’s a bad idea to give homeless people money because you think they will spend it on booze etc.. But at the end of the day who are we to judge? We don’t actually know what they will spend it on or why they are in this situation, or what they’ve done or haven’t done! and quite frankly it’s none of our business! I know there is some people who claim to be homeless and aren’t being genuine about it, but I felt in my heart and soul that he was different. I handed him the money and he lifted his head and was instantly filled with joy. He cried and said thank you and shook my hand, I told him to go get some food and he said he would and with that, he got up and went into Aldi.

I went to Aldi again on Wednesday and he was there again. I reminded him who I was and I asked how he was. He told me he was able to get a good feed on Saturday. I told him I had no money to give him but I would go and buy him some lunch. I bought him a big bottle of water, a croissant, a pack of flavoured crackers and a pack of museli bars. When I headed back outside with my shopping he was gone. I ended up

leaving his lunch with the sales stall that was outside because he usually comes back.

I really wished I could do more for him but I did what I could.
I’ve seen many people look at this man with disgust and that makes me very sad 😢

If anyone is in Queanbeyan and can offer this man , food drink, blankets or a safe place to to stay then let me know.😢


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