Mum network

Mum network

Hey everyone,

I wanted to officially tell you all that I have proudly joined the Mum network agency and will be represented by them. I also wanted to let you all know that their website is also now live. You can follow the link here;
@mum_network was founded in #2019 by Rosie Luik as a mission to empower mum’s to follow their dreams and goals. Rosie is passionate about helping others. She is such an incredible woman with an incredible story. She truly is an inspiration to many including me! I am so happy and excited to be a part of something so special.
Did you know that this is the first agency in Australia that’s dedicated to representing just mum’s? How amazing that? I am so happy to be a part of this team of incredible mum’s I am super excited for the journey ahead!
Claire Xx


One thought on “Mum network

  1. Hope you don’t mind me asking but how do deal with all the kids asking questions at the same time.
    I’m currently having that issue and as I don’t have a process they fight to get me to respond to them.
    Tips on how you do it would be awesome 😁 I’m sure your a wealth of knowledge. Definitely going to read your blog.


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