Happy Hairbrush Review

Happy Hairbrush Review

9 Happy kids with happy hair!

Hey everyone,

As a mum of 9, I have always struggled to find the right brush for my children’s hair, and as you can imagine we have been through hundreds of brushes, and we have had lot’s of tears and tantrums over the years because the brushes we were using hurt their hair! It was always a stressful task when it came to brushing everyone’s hair.

I never ever thought I was going to find a brush that brushed my children’s hair with ease! That was until I met the beautiful happy hair brush team at the blogger’s BBQ on Saturday! Not only do they handmake their brushes, but they also look beautiful, and they are designed to brush hair with ease, it’s also stress-free for parents and children when using the brush! That’s always a winner in my eyes. No one wants there child in tears when brushing their hair. It doesn’t matter what type of hair your child has as the happy hair brush works for all hair types! The only brush in their collection that doesn’t work on thick hair is the sensory brush. Please see their website for more details; https://happyhairbrush.com.au/collections/frontpage/products/sensory-happy-hair-brush

The team at Happy hair brush gave us a demonstration on how the brush worked and I have to say I was amazed! The hairbrush brushed with ease, it glided through the child’s hair so smoothly. The child smiled as she was having her thick beautiful hair brushed! Her hair also looked so silky and shiny after! I’m telling you that this brush is revolutionary! it will change your life!

The brushes come in black, purple, pink, gold, and white, red,. There is also a smaller version of this brush that you can fit in your bag/ nappy bag. Happy hairbrush have also designed a blue sensory brush for adults/children with sensory needs, it is a little softer than the other brushes. It has softer nylon pins and the knobs on the end are a bit thicker and rounder protecting a more sensitive scalp. It has been designed specifically for kids and people that are:- Highly Sensory, have ADHD or special needs who find traditional hair brushes hurt or overstimulate them.  Please note the sensory brush is not suitable for thick hair! These brushes can be sold separately or in multipacks. Happy hair also have after pay which is even more awesome! I also have a 15 per cent off discount code for you all if you would like to try these brushes out. Please use THISTRIBE15 at checkout!

I was so amazed at these brushes and was kindly gifted some to take home and try with my family! It’s been 4 days, and I kid you not! My kids absolutely love these brushes! I am hearing no whining, and there are no tears when it comes to hair brushing! I think the family, and I are fully converted to using the happy hairbrush. Over the last few days, I have brushed through countless knots in my children’s hair and not once have they complained about it hurting! Happy hairbrush has changed our lives!

We now have 9 happy children with happy hair!

Would you like the chance to win a happy hairbrush? I have 2 to give away! I’ll be giving one away on Facebook, and one on Instagram. Head on over to either my Facebook or Instagram to enter! Good luck!

If you like to know more about the happy hairbrush then head over to their website; https://happyhairbrush.com.au/ 

Thanks for reading,

Claire xxx

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  1. I HATED having my hair brushed as a child – it’s such fine hair and I swear it turns into knots if I so much as turn around to look at something. In fact, I still hate brushing my hair when it’s knotted, so I might have to investigate these brushes.

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