Why did I start my blog?

Why did I start my blog?



Hey everyone,

Where it started?

Writing these blog posts for you all over the last few months have been absolutely amazing. Id love to tell you why I started it all in the first place, and what my goals are for the future with it all.

I have always wanted to start a blog but I have always doubted myself and thought I couldn’t do it. I am a busy homeschooling mum, but I really wanted to start a blog and had pondered on the idea for so long. In June of this year, I finally took the plunge and created my website “thistribeofmine.com”  I honestly feel it’s one of the best things I have done, and my writing has improved immensely. I feel I have grown so much already. I never realized how much  I enjoyed writing either but it’s been absolutely amazing talking about our journey as a family of 11. I have actually had my facebook blog and Instagram since 2015 but didn’t update it very often, but now having it all linked together has helped me so much with it all. The more social platforms you have, then the more places you can advertise and promote your blogs to others. It’s all a working progress and I absolutely love it.

Do it because you are passionate about it

I started this blog because I wanted to do something for me, I love my life with my husband and children, and  I feel absolutely blessed,  but being a stay at home mum of  9 children living in a rural town,  I wanted to make one of my hobbies become a reality. I  started my blog because I honestly love writing and sharing our family journey. I have received so many lovely comments and messages from people which have been so lovely and it makes more driven and passionate about what I do.

Don’t start it with high expectations, or for the wrong reasons

I feel sometimes people start blogs/ Instagram and expect to do collaborations and be paid for writing blog posts almost straight away.  I believe you should start a blog first and make sure to enjoy what you do. Choose a free blog platform first and see if it is for you? Then later look at the premium options. If you are not passionate about writing then don’t do it. Start your blog for the right reasons only. It takes a long time to do collaborations and be paid to write blog posts for others etc.. I have personally done a few collaborations so far,  but through my Instagram only, and I am currently am not paid to write these blog posts for you.  I have ads on my blog but have not made any money from them as of yet. I take this time out of my busy schedule once a week to write something for you all because I just love to sharing my journey with you. I am passionate about writing and I hope that shows? Obviously, it would be a bonus to be paid a small income from it all but it really isn’t about the money for me. When I have spoken to some very big bloggers they told me it actually took them 1-2 years to establish themselves and to be able to work from home as a mum blogger. Its okay to set yourself goals, I of course have set myself goals but I am in no rush. I am just going with the flow and enjoying every minute of it!

Future goals

My goals for the future is to continue to reach out to as many people as possible and continue to share my journey with you. I want to help change peoples opinions on large families and talk about how you can balance it all, and that it is possible to budget well. I want to share how you can still have a timeout with your loved ones. I have so much I want to share with you all and I’m honestly so excited to continue this journey with you all! I have so much more I want to share with you and I have so many blog ideas.

Thank you for all your love and continued support on everything that I do!

Claire xxxxxx