Where it all began

Where it all began

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How we Met

Back in June 2006, I was just a normal 19-year-old girl living at home with my parents and working fulltime. I decided I wasn’t earning enough money and decided I would start a second-weekend job. That was when I met Mark. He was on a 1-year hiatus from Australia as his family home had burnt down in a house fire. Unfortunately, they had lost everything! To tell you the truth though we actually had our first encounter a few weeks prior to that as I had gone to that particular bar with my friends most weekends, and actually the funny thing is, that one night I was out dancing with my friends when a mutual friend came over and was rather cheeky and said, ‘see my mate here he really likes the look of you! I was like, ‘umm okay go away! How rude of me right?! But this particular “friend” was always cheeky with the things he said. Fast forward to a few weeks later and I had started working at the same bar and that was when I got to know Mark, and I really thought he was lovely. He was always so kind and taught me everything I needed to know about working in a fast-paced bar. He always offered to drive me home after work even though he lived completely the opposite way!

Our First Date

We really go to know one another, and I had butterflies in my belly every time I thought about him. One day I texted Mark and said, ‘I really like you! so cheesy right?! But I just had to tell him! A few days later we planned our first date which was at Southend. We spent the day at the beach and going to the arcades and we went on all the rides, and A little while later we had dinner together. It was such a beautiful day that we shared. After dinner, we sat on a dock, partly stretch out into the ocean. We sat there for what felt like hours, dipping our feet into the warm summer moonlight water and talking about all sorts of things.

We shared many more dates together and I think we both knew from early on that it was love at first sight! It didn’t take us long to say ‘I love you’

Mark Goes to Egypt

About 3 months after we met we were on a night out at the bar where we both worked. Actually, at that point, I had stopped working at the bar as the late nights were impacting my day job. We were having such a lovely time then Mark said I have something to tell you. Mark then said he had decided to go and visit his parents in Cairo Egypt and would stay for about 3 months. About a week later he was gone, and I was devastated. We stayed in contact through phone and email and I longed for the time when Mark would be back.

Mark Goes to Australia

After Mark returned from Egypt he started working at another bar. Mark had said he had to go back to Australia and go back to his job. He asked me if I would like to go with him too? I, of course, didn’t want to be without him and I said yes! I knew it was a big life change for me But I was so excited for the journey ahead with the man that I loved so much. Just before my 20th birthday, we went out for dinner with both our families and that was when Mark turned to me in front of everyone with a beautiful ring and asked me to marry him! I obviously was shocked but said yes instantly! We had our engagement party on the 30th December 2006, and sadly the next day was when Mark had to make his travels back to Australia, I couldn’t go just yet as I was organizing my visa and flight. I was so upset saying goodbye! I knew it would be at least 3-4 weeks before I would see him again. I was also so sick with a chest infection that day he left too which made me feel even more miserable! I spent the next few weeks recovering from illness and organizing everything for my departure. I thought it was best to keep myself busy.

I go to Australia

The day came when it was time to leave for Australia. I felt anxious and excited at the same time, and I obviously felt sad because I was leaving my family to start a new life on the other side of the world! We said our tearful goodbyes and off I went. When I saw how big the plane was I started to feel really anxious and burst into tears and funnily enough, I got to board the plane with mothers and children because of how freaked out I was. The journey ahead was long but pleasant. I had spent 7 hours in Singapore waiting for the changeover. I arrived in Australia on Australia day 2007.

When I first arrived in Australia from England I had no idea what the future would bring and I was excited for the journey ahead.

The day that I arrived I was so tired as I had not slept the whole entire flight. Mark had taken me out for dinner and we celebrated my arrival.

Married and the Future

On May 12th 2007 we were married. It was a beautiful day surrounded by many beautiful friends, but unfortunately, no family could travel at that time. We honeymooned in Sydney and had an amazing time. One year later we had our first baby! life was beautiful. Fast forward to now in 2018, and we love each other more than ever! We have 9 beautiful children under 12 years old, 8 girls and 1 boy and I Feel I am so blessed to live in this amazing country, with an amazing husband and our children.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I will cherish every moment with my beautiful family!