When do I find time for housework?

When do I find time for housework?



Hey everyone,

I have been asked many times on how I manage to fit in housework on top of homeschooling the children, blogging and managing eleven of us every single day. Well, friends, I start my day with a few coffees because as you know coffee is life!


We have our breakfast around 7 am and then we start our homeschooling from 8.45am till 1.30pm then we stop for our lunch and then we do our sports in the garden. Usually around this time, my 7 month old and 19-month-old are having their afternoon naps. While all the kids are happy and playing outside, this is when I dedicate my time to doing the housework. The first thing I do while everyone is playing is washing up the plates and cups from lunch, and then I take a load of washing out to the washing line and get the girls to help me hang and take down the washing. I usually do 1- 2 loads of washing a day, this, however, could change if someone has had an accident or been unwell. a couple of years ago we bought a huge Samsung bubble washing machine it is probably one of the biggest machines on the market We have a heat pump dryer to dry clothes that we need quickly, but since the spring weather has been nice I have been making the most of it and hanging up the clothes. The girls love to help me sort and fold the washing and help me put away in the afternoon.

I have an awesome dishwasher, however, a few have broken down over the years which has been unfortunate, but to be honest, I would be lost without my dishwasher! It has been a huge lifesaver for me over the last few years. I  however still wash some things up because as you know not everything can go in the dishwasher. I load the dishwasher 1-2 times a day and I usually fill it up before bed ready to be put on in the morning. I am usually awake before everyone else in the morning making baby, bottles and huge amounts of coffee so this works out well for me. I try to prepare dinner and lunch early in the day as well so that I can get on with other household things.  sometimes I enjoy making a quick fruit salad with yoghurt and honey in the morning. it is a beautiful spring/summer lunch for the kids. We always try to be creative and have a different variety of foods.

My husband is also very supportive and always helps around the house when he can. I feel incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful man like him in my life. He vacuums the house for me, I, of course, do my fair share of vacuuming throughout the day too because you know kids can be messy! When the kids go to bed at night that is usually when I like to clean the bathroom and clean the kitchen floor, I know that might sound crazy? But it is nice and quiet around that time and I  can do this without any interruptions. Not every day runs as smoothly as I have explained to you all! We have our days where nothing goes to plan, or something is broken, or the kids are unwell. Our days might sound busy and crazy to you,  but honestly, it isn’t! Well ok… sometimes it is haha,  but I find if you have a good routine in place then everything should run smoothly.

The other reason that everything works out so well in our household is that we all work as a team. Teamwork is so important in a very busy household!

In our house, we have full hands,  full hearts, and we are always full of love and hugs. I feel incredibly blessed with this life I’m living

If you have any other questions for me then don’t hesitate to ask anytime. I am always available for a chat.

Claire xx


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