How do we budget & do we meal plan?

How do we budget & do we meal plan?


We are a family of 11 people so it is very important to shop around and find the best deals!
I must admit I do love a good bargain!
The first thing id like to say is that we shop at Aldi. We do our grocery shopping once a fortnight and we set a budget of $450 for everything. Petrol money is kept separate.
I always write a list of everything I need and hopefully that means I don’t forget anything!
I do sometimes wander over to Coles and Woolworths to see if they have any special deals on.
I like to meal plan for the fortnight. I think it is very important to meal plan when possible especially since in our house there are 11 people to feed!
Two nights a week we have fish nights, or we make a huge cheese omelette! We also like to have a taco Tuesday, curries on Thursdays, or spaghetti bolognese, stews etc… and on busier days we have pizza nights, pie nights etc.. and on occasion, we buy a takeaway.
I have lots of meal ideas that I would be willing to do another blog post about so look out for that in the near future.
Since I have been on the keto diet I have been eating different things to everyone else.
When we shop at Aldi, we buy 48 litres worth of UHT and fresh milk, we also buy the cheaper mince. I believe it is called 3-star mince. You can make so many different meals with mince. The possibilities are endless!
we buy 4-6 loaves of bread to last the fortnight. The sister’s of charity visit us once a week and give us beautiful fresh bread, I often share the bread with friends and family too.
We don’t tend to buy sugary things and often are looking for healthier alternatives.
I have found a great fizzy drink alternative is either the Nexba branded drinks, or soda/sparkling water with a dash of lemon, or lime. It is a big winner with the children!
We save money by not buying too many luxuries and finding the best deals. We buy biscuits for treats and it’s always a winner with our children. We sometimes buy chocolates for the children, but we hardly ever buy lollies.
We have 8 hens and 2 ducks, and we never need to buy eggs
Another good way to save money is opening up a Christmas club account with your bank, it does not let you withdraw the money till November. We try to put $100-$150 in the account once a fortnight.
We also save money for holiday’s by adding some money into a savings account each month
If we need something we buy it.
If we want something we save up for it
We are not penny pinchers, and we are not big spenders either.
We always make it work no matter what!
No one ever goes without so I believe our budget and planning works well for us
We do sometimes shop at Costco to see what’s on special, and we often buy a really big pork and cut it in half, and cook 1 half for Sunday roast, and then use the other half the following Sunday, so you basically get 2 meals out of it!
Costco is also great for when your hosting family parties. their birthday cakes are huge and very great value for money
Another good idea is to buy 1-2 whole chickens and cook them up and it lasts for over 2 meals.
If you want to save money on petrol then I recommend going to your nearest Costco store and buying your fuel there. I have found that other service stations to be really expensive lately.
We shop around for the best insurance policies. We have an awesome deal over at Saint George Bank for our vehicles, and home and contents insurances. We bank with service one for our mortgage and main accounts, and so far we have found them the best bank to deal with. They also are very good to bank with if you have a larger family as they won’t discriminate against you, or your family situation. They are always very helpful.
It is not easy having a large family, but if you’re smart and budget well then you can absolutely make it work
Please let me know if you have any more questions, I will be very happy to answer them for you
Thanks for reading
Claire Xo


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