The worst day of my life – 17/06/2016

The worst day of my life – 17/06/2016



I find this very hard to talk about,

On Friday 17th June 2016 at 11.20 am, my daughter and I were driving to town to go shopping when an idiotic driver was driving really fast in the middle of the road on a bend, it was also a very wet day. He/she caused us to swerve and lose control of our car which then caused us to roll 4 times before we hit a tree in a ditch! we landed the car on its side We were trapped for 20 minutes before anyone noticed 🙁

In case your wondering the other car did not stop, they just drove off, and we never found them again!

The most frighting part is when you realize you no longer have control of your car. You just freeze and think “we’re going to die!

It happened so quickly! I felt so woozy!

The first thing I did was turn the car off and reach my hand out to my daughter as she was screaming and in complete shock. We were both very frightened. My daughter kept crying out saying is the baby in your tummy OK mummy? For anyone that did not know I was 6.5 weeks pregnant when the accident occurred

While trying to keep my daughter calm, I unstrapped myself from the driver’s side to grab my mobile which was in my handbag on the passenger side of the car. I rang the emergency services. My daughter and I were both severely shaken. A nice tradie drove by and stopped and took over on the phone. He stayed with us until the emergency services arrived, not long after that, my husband came too. My daughter was checked over at the scene and was not injured but just in shock. I was taken to the hospital and checked over. The doctors said I suffered whiplash and bruising. Thank God we are both okay! The doctors said I have whiplash and was also bruised up one side of my body. My unborn baby was also safe and I felt so relieved. Emotionally it will take time to get over the trauma of what happened especially as the driver who caused this never stopped! I was told by doctors that within 6 months I would no longer suffer from neck and back pain! He was wrong! It’s been 2 years and I still suffer from pain.I, however, do not like to complain because the other alternation is that I may not have been here to tell you my story!

I started driving 2 weeks after my accident. It was very scary, but over time I gained my confidence back. I still get nervous, but I know it will get better. When I drive now I am always extra cautious

Stay safe everyone!




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