Our first family photoshoot

Our first family photoshoot

On July 7th, 2018 we had our first professional family photo shoot. It was absolutely freezing cold and windy on that particular day which made the shoot a little difficult, but it certainly did not put a downer on our day

We had our decided it was about time that will fill up our walls with beautiful photos, and have some awesome professional family photos done. A friend of ours had recommended a wonderful Canberra – based photographer called Jodie Bingley. She had told us that she was an amazing family photographer, and was especially good with little children, as she is a mother to 5 herself. Our friend was not wrong because Jodie did a fantastic job capturing these special photos for our family. She was so warm and friendly and really did make the children feel so special when they had their pictures taken.

The kids, hubby and I loved getting dressed up for our shoot. The kids were so excited when we got to our shoot location at a local Canberra school playground

We had several photos taken and everyone was having so much fun posing and showing off there cheesy grins and shiny sparkly shoes!

All the children were so well behaved at the shoot and Mark, and I, are so incredibly proud of them all for behaving and listening to every instruction that was given to them. It was so cold but they still had an absolute ball

Mark, and I, absolutely loved seeing them all so happy and posing for there special photos!

We will never forget this day that we had the pictures taken. It was such an awesome day, and will definitely go in our family memory book. We will cherish these memories and photos forever.

If you are thinking of having professional family photos done then I highly recommend it. Especially while are the kids are so little. The photos are so beautiful, and we will definitely have more photos like this in the future!

The only advice I can give you if you are thinking of having professional family photos taken is to make sure all the colours you wear co-ordinate well with one another. Too many colours will just make the picture look less professional and will likely clash with one another. I recommend 2-3 colours that you think will blend well together. We chose dark blue, Light Blue, and denim. I think the colours look beautiful in our photos. I also recommend taking extra blankets and drinks so you can keep everyone warm in-between photos, especially in the colder months.

If you are Canberra based and would love some photos taken then please contact Jodie here at;


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